Can Pizza Stone Go In The Oven Or Grill?

Who would not crave for a  brick oven cooked pizza dough? However, worry no more! Pizza stone can mimic the way it is cooked in a brick oven by just simple methods! Baking it can be feasible with an oven and grill - cool, right? You can now have a pizza with that perfect crust and a happy tummy! This quick guide will help you understand why pizza stone can be used in the oven and in the grill.

 Can Pizza Stone be used inside an oven?

Pizza Stone in oven - definitely yes!
You have all the necessary materials, the pizza dough, the pizza sauce, the meat, pizza stone, and the veggies but no brick oven? A conventional oven at sight? Then you are good to go! It will taste delicious as regular pizzas, worry no more! Pizza Stone can definitely be used inside an oven but of course it comes with a set of instructions too.


Steps in using pizza stone inside an oven

  1.  Pizza stone should be placed inside a cold oven.
  2. After putting the pizza stone inside, preheat the oven about 475 degrees Fahrenheit. As it preheats completely, allot five minutes to let the stone absorb the heat and be really hot.
  3. As the stone gets nice and hot, take it out of the oven and, as fast as you can, start building the pizza to the top of the stone. (Remember: As soon as the dough touches the stone, IT WILL START TO COOK). 
  4. After building the pizza and letting it be cooked for 10 minutes, check the bottom to really make sure that the pizza dough is crispy enough. (Remember: Do not cut it in the pizza stone because it will cause dullness to your pizza cutter, slice it in your cutting board!)
  5. As you eat in peace, let the stone cool off, then after scrub it with a damp cloth to remove crumbs and stains.

Can Pizza Stone be used on a grill?

Pizza Stone on grill - skeptical, but of course!
Who does not crave for some backyard grill nights but also pizza? Summer is so near! Give that oven a break and let that grill do the work. Are you doubting its usage? Cooking pizza on the grill with pizza stone is the perfect way to fasten your grill night dinner! In addition it gives crisp crust and super duper oozing toppings.
Steps in using pizza stone on a grill.
  1. Preheat the grill - As you light the grill, add the pizza stone to allow it to heat up for 30 minutes with a lid closed. A crisp crust would be a result of a hot stone. 
  2. Mind the temperature - Take note that the best temperature for grilling pizza is between 425-450 degree, in that way it would allow enough heat to cook the entire pizza thoroughly along with it is the stringy cheese.
  3. Bring your dough to room temperature - It's difficult to deal with cold pizza dough because it's dense and difficult to stretch. Allow two to three hours for your dough to get to room temperature before rolling it out for it to be easier to roll. Although there are premade pizza dough available in grocery stores, and several pizzerias that sell dough.
  4. Cook your toppings -If you're dealing with some toppings, it's possible that you'll need to cook them first before grilling. In addition, there are meats and hard vegetables that won't fully sear on the grill, and who wants raw meat? No one. 
  5. Build the pizza before grilling - As you peel your dough, add on the necessary ingredients such as the sauce, toppings, cheese and all before adding it to the pizza stone.
  6. Keep the lid closed after you put pizza on - Keep the lid sealed to hold the heat within the grill, as enticing as it is to glimpse at your magnificent creation. You can cook your pizza for 6-10 minutes, depending on its size and thickness. 
  7. Be patient. - Take it out from your grill using a pizza peel or anything that can do the job. Stop the urge to cut into your grilled pizza right away, as enticing as it might be. Let it sit for a while so the crust will remain its texture and that the toppings won’t be sloppy. You won’t like the idea of cheese and marinara sauce staining your clean shirt, right? 

Above information would answer that YES, pizza stone can go on with an oven and grill depending on what you have or what mood you are in! No need to sweat and panic about pizza night because pizza stone and your oven or grill got it covered! 


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